The importance of daily meditation

Being One with All

If someone had told me two months ago that I could do not just daily meditation, but meditation THREE TIMES A DAY, I would have laughed and said, “No way! I don’t have time for that!”  Time is a funny thing. It has a way of elongating, to accommodate that which is really important. Not that I thought meditation was really important before now (I thought it was a chore), but the rising energies of the planet are bringing up stuff to be stirred around, brought to light, and healed, and I need all the calm I can get, especially since losing my main client who was my bread & butter. Where will the money come from?! As worries start to crowd in, I retreat to a quiet space, plant my bare feet firmly on the floor (ground, sand, etc.), palms up in my lap, spine straight, and focus on my breath, first grounding myself in paying attention to the present moment, where there is no stress. Gradually, worries slip away, as, ultimately, they are ephemeral and unimportant. Sometimes my mind seeks desperately to distract me any way it can, and if it gets too distracting, I focus on some more active visualization, to give it something to do, something to make it feel useful, before returning to the breath.

Meditation is profoundly calming (or it can be), and I have had some pretty interesting and unusual experiences in meditation (including intense, pleasurable, physical sensation, once of being “breathed” by the earth, energy spiraling up my chakras, and another of having the feeling of unfolding like a lotus of energy from the core of my chakras through/out of my body, and yet another of being “carried to heaven” by spirit beings…to open my eyes and find myself back in my body, poised on the edge of the couch, chest lifted, and incredible joy coursing through me. Yep. Meditation can be pretty cool. It doesn’t happen every time, but I’m finding things like this happen more often, the more I simply take the time to do them–and I only usually meditate about 10 minutes each session. So it doesn’t take a lot of time. I am noticing myself becoming a little more aware of the present moment in daily life. I also get insights during meditation that are helpful in clearing old patterns. And meditation is calming. Because face it, worries are no fun. Worries don’t seem to cling to me as much now, when before they were habitual. I would worry constantly without even realizing it. Habits are hard to break, and take practice. Easy does it, and compassion helps a lot, too.


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