Insight from Meditation

Sometimes when I do meditation, I visualize going into my heart, and there I can “speak” to my guides, etc, and they speak to me–it’s all imagination, of course, but sometimes it feels like a lucid dream…

Anyway, recently, after coming out of the meditation, I felt called to journal a bit. It may not all make sense, as I was still at the end of a “dream state” when I wrote it in my journal:

“There is no good or bad”–we choose different experiences, based on what we focus on–it is our choice. To not focus on darker thoughts (fear, worry, etc) is not to deny they exist, but rather to choose not to participate in them, in favor of joy, hope, abundance. Negative thoughts will come up until we re-train. Gently acknowledge them and release them to the light. To resist is to set focus, to empower the very experiences we’d rather eschew.

We are all experssions of light–all different frequencies. Raise the Vibration. Elevate Consciousness. Live & be in the moment–this is good practice for escaping worry. The present moment is like being surrounded by and being part of the Divine. It feels “magic.” It seems easier to do in nature. It is always “here.” It’s us who rush through memory and expecation/anticipation to escape the very joy we seek.”


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