Choir Concert Poster/CD

And it was going to be so simple. Just two different Celtic designs, and something for autumn…but then a picture of the sun flaring off the surface of the earth spoke to me, reminding me of the of NASA “earthrise” picture I used for the CD (see below), and I decided I could tie the two designs together. Collages kind of happen for me. I’ll start pulling in elements here and there, and play around with them, and somewhere in the play, they start designing themselves, taking on a life of their own, like book characters do for writers. The ghosted celtic knot in the earth is very subtle, filled with autumn colors, but becomes very important in conjunction with the smaller version of itself in the space between the earth and the ravens, like consciousness arising from the collective, and taking the appearance of a beautiful jewel…

Lynn, the choir director, and I discussed the design of the CD way back in Spring, and when she said it was supposed to represent Jubilee, I immediately thought of the globe sculpture that hangs in the middle of the main worship hall. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the designers of the Jubilee CD, to be released around the same time, had a very similar idea, and so our CD is very similar to theirs–but as they will probably be bought together, it provides some continuity 😉 Above is the general design, but I do not have track durations or barcode yet–they will probably get Diskmakers to add the barcode.


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