Violet Flame

I’d never heard of “Violet Flame” until a few weeks ago, and when I first heard it, mistook it for “Violent Femmes” which put it totally out of context. Apparently it is a meditation visualization practice from St. Germaine, good for clearing karma as well as raising low vibrations to higher ones. I couldn’t find a good visual for a purple fire, though (admittedly, I didn’t look for one too long), and decided to make my own using some still shots I took of my firepit outside, and doing an “animated gif” with tweens.

Curdie thrusts his hands into the rose fire

When I read more about it, though, it reminded me suddenly of a scene from George MacDonald’s THE PRINCESS AND CURDIE, in which Curdie is invited in by the Princess’s grandmother–who is actually some kind of fairy being living in a tower–to thrust his hands into a fire she’s made with roses. This rose fire is a magical fire that can enable Curdie to be able to sense men’s souls with his sensitized hands (ie. at one point he shakes hands with a man and almost pulls away because he feels a snake in his hand).

I found several different versions of Violet Flame meditation, from super simple, to really involved. Meditation and visualization are personal to each person, of course, so depending on how I feel, sometimes I will just imagine a purple bonfire (like the video above) and imagine stepping into it to clear myself of negativity and karmic blocks, imagining it as a cooling, refreshing fire. Other times, I follow one of the more involved suggestions, which is to first invoke St. Germaine & God by saying something (in my head) like, “Divine I Am Presence, St. Germaine, ignite in my heart your sacred, violet flame” and visualize a purple fire in my heart chakra. Once that’s established, I imagine asking for this purple fire to spread throughout my whole body, and then through all my subtle bodies, through all lifetimes and parallels, past, present & future, clearing karmic debts & blocks, raising any low vibrational energy into the highest vibration possible, and generally permeating me with light on all levels. After I imagine that for a while, I feel gratitude and release the visualization.


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