Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance is when we are exposed to two conflicting stories, cannot “take it” and shut down, emotionally, blocking out the story that is conflicting with our current worldview or perspective. I mention this, because I just saw a documentary aired on PBS in Colorado about the scientific evidence of the buildings in 9/11 coming down in controlled demolition, in direct opposition to the official story that jet fuel from two planes ignited office fires, bringing down three buildings, melting steel, etc. Some friends of mine are vehemently opposed to this presentation of evidence that invalidates the official story, because they do not want to believe that our government could cover something like this up.

I think that keeping an open mind and listening to the evidence, however painful it is, will be ultimately more healing than shutting out everything that challenges what we believe in–as it said in the Bible, “The Truth Shall Make You Free.” In the end, it is facing and acknowledging the truth that will heal us.

It’s a good documentary. I highly recommend it. is the full video on PBS is the website by the people who did the documentary.


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