“Black Bottom” Ice Cream Pie

Black Bottom Ice Cream Pie

When I was growing up, every year for our birthday, my parents would buy the birthday boy or girl a Baskin Robbin’s Ice Cream Pie–which was dark chocolate ice cream on bottom, Jamocha almond fudge ice cream on top, with fudge sauce piped around the edges. Well, my birthday just went by, and something seemed to be missing…

Researching Baskin Robbins (which has long left our area, after being acquired by Dunkin’ Donuts), I discovered that they no longer make the Black Bottom Pie, and I couldn’t even find pictures of it online! But I remember it…

I decided to improvise a little. I’d gotten a free pie crust lately through an Earth Fare coupon, and I went to Ultimate Ice Cream–our local ice cream from scratch store in Asheville–and picked up a quart of ice cream, half Belgian Dark Chocolate and half Kahlua Mocha Almond. By the time I got home, it was nice and soft. Perfect.

I put some boiling hot water in a cup, got a large spoon and a spatula, and got the Belgian Dark Chocolate Ice cream in the pie crust first.

Then I smoothed it down with the spatula, repeatedly dipped in the cup of hot water.

Next I grabbed some leftover fudge sauce I’d made with baking chocolate and maple syrup a while back, and used it all to spread thinly on top of the chocolate ice cream.

Carefully glopping the rest of the ice cream–the Kahlua Mocha Almond–on top (you see how soft it is!),

I spread it as best I could with the spatula dipped in hot water. Now the chocolate ice cream underneath and the fudge sauce were starting to leak over the sides.

I quickly popped it in the freezer (I moved the wax paper after taking this pic, so it wouldn’t block the vents) to let it set up, while I had to rush off and complete some homework for class.

After class, I came home and made a chocolate fudge sauce from a recipe online, but it was so liquid at first, I let it sit overnight before trying to put it into a pastry bag I fitted with a #22 star tip. You can see from the picture how stiff it got–the spoon is standing up! Even after letting it sit out for two hours and working the bag of ganache with my hands, I could not get it soft & runny enough to squeeze through the tip–it must be the honey that was in the recipe.

I finally ended up scooping it out of the bag back into the bowl, and softening it over a double-boiler water bath, until it was just soft enough to spoon on. So, I just glopped it around the edge with a spoon, made some swirly marks in it with the spoon, which I then mostly hid by sprinkling slivered almonds on top. I was going to put a cherry on top, as I remembered it was usually topped with a maraschino cherry with fudge piped around it…but I couldn’t get my jar of homemade brandied cherries open (I even tried a channel lock), so I just topped it with an additional dollop of fudge sauce.

Black Bottom Ice Cream Pie


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