Paleo Fried Avocado Slices


Why would anyone fry avocado slices? You may ask. Well, I was curious. A friend at the grocery store, when comparing notes on diet, said he’d “fried avocado” recently in coconut oil and that it was “awesome,” so, being hungry and wanting something quick, I decided to try it. I’d recently battered and fried eggplant slices for eggplant parmesean, so I knew it would work.

avocado setup

Battering and frying is generally a three stage/dip process. Flour–egg–bread crumbs. But, of course, the paleo diet precludes grains, so instead I chose coconut flour–egg–mix of flax, sunflower, and almonds ground into a meal (this mixture is from Dr. Cabot’s liver cleanse book–though Dr. Cabot would never EVER endorse frying anything like this!). I happened to have that mixture on hand, but one could easily use coarse almond flour or pecan meal instead. I also ground some salt and pepper and mixed it into the “breading.” Note that very little flour is needed, whereas more breading is needed–this was close, but I had to add a little bit more for the last couple of slices.

easing out of shell

After cutting the avocado in half and chopping lightly into the seed to twist and take it out, I sliced each side of the avocado into 4 slices while still in the shell, then gingerly “scooped” it out with a medium-sized spoon.

coconut flour

Unlike slices of eggplant, avocado slices are nice and moist, and coat easily with the coconut flour.

dipping in egg

Next comes the egg wash (this just one egg lightly beaten with a fork). In retrospect, I think I would beat the egg more thoroughly than just with a fork, as the egg white did NOT want to separate from slices. I ended up pinching off the egg white with my fingers each time.


And, finally, the “breading”–I usually plop the egg-laden slice right in the middle and use a spoon to scoop mixture on top and on the sides, until it’s dry enough to pick up and make sure it is all covered.

frying second side

I used coconut oil, in a cast iron pan, and had a good 2mm or so of oil to start (around 2 tablespoons), and made sure to give it some time to heat up before I put the slices in. This is after they’ve already been turned once.


And then, voila! Put them on a plate lined with a paper towel to absorb some of the oil, and let them cool down before trying to bite into them.


Tasty–tastes like avocado, of course! Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside.

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