Chocolate Coconut Milk Fudgesicles

First bite of fudgesicle

Want something rich and chocolatey, but vegan and dairy-free? Have I got the thing for you…and oh, so simple, too!

Sugar-free Vegan Chocolate Fudgesicles

1 14oz can organic coconut milk

1/4 cup xylitol (or sweetener of your choice–could use maple syrup, erythritol, etc)

1/4 cup cocoa powder (I used dutched Valhrona cocoa)

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp almond extract (or other flavoring, such as peppermint extract)

Put all ingredients in a small saucepan and heat on gentle heat to mix, like making hot cocoa (you might need to whisk it smooth). Set aside and let cool.

%22Hot chocolate%22

Line a small tupperware container with plastic wrap or tinfoil that goes over the edge. (I used tinfoil this time, because I’ve read such terrible things about the hormone-disrupting attributes of plastic wrap, especially with leeching into warm things…) Pour the cooled mixture into this and let it freeze overnight.

Lined container

The next morning, take it out of the freezer and carefully lift it out of the container. It should be a frozen block, like this.

Frozen block

It should be somewhat easy to cut up into pieces, and then put them in a Cuisinart or Vitamix, and beat it until it resembles frozen yogurt.

before blending

You may need to “tamp” it, if using a Vitamix or blender. The end result should be a somewhat wet purée, as shown below.


Here’s where you get your pop/fudgesicle molds (you can find them in kitchen stores, and occasionally at Dollar stores). It’s really better, the more runny the mixture is, to get it into the molds. Here I didn’t have it quite runny enough (until the very end), and was sloppily ladling it in with a spoon (if it’s runny enough, I prefer to use a funnel). Also, if it’s less runny, it has more of a tendency to form air bubbles, necessitating poking it with a chopstick to break the bubbles and “tamp” the mixture more firmly into the mold.

Filling molds

Now, fudgesicles take time–they will need to chill at least another day to be barely firm enough to eat. If you need more instant gratification (and you don’t have molds), you can always just pour it back into the container (minus the liner) to store in freezer, and it will be ready to eat (soft serve) after letting chill 30 minutes.

If making fudgesicles, don’t forget to put in popsicles sticks! These molds hold around 2.5 oz each, so this recipe made 6 fudgesicles, overall.

Filled with sticks

It does get firmer after a few days, and after several days it has the PERFECT fudgesicle consistency. Makes 6 fudgesicles. (Note, this picture is after slightly less than a day, so it is still on the soft side). (If you made just a sorbet in the container, you can still stick a spoon in for a couple of days, and after that, “cut” it with a strong spoon, to eat it.)


As I noted in the ingredients, too, you can flavor these however you like–I happen to love almond and chocolate. But you could just use vanilla, or use peppermint, orange extract, you-name-it. Enjoy!


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