My Cookbook Site: Paula’s Kitchen Alchemy


Announcing my A.A.S. Web Technologies Degree Capstone website, which is my cookbook in progress! A bit better organized than this blog (but still needing some tweaks, of course), Paula’s Kitchen Alchemy is my own custom coded (with the help of the Laravel framework) PHP/SQL database driven cookbook website. One of the requirements for the project was to have a visitor view that was more limited than a full member view, so viewers need to sign up (which is free) in order to see the recipes–but a visitor can see what recipes there are, along with thumbnails and descriptions. I need to add a print css stylesheet at some point, but perhaps more important, I need to use Javascript to organize the results returned on the “All Recipes” page.

In the meantime, however, now that I’ve graduated (and have more time finally–I’ve certainly neglected this blog because of the crunch!), I need to find a job, and right now, that takes precedence. But I definitely intend to keep adding to the cookbook, and have some things on there that are on this blog. I have many more things to add to the cookbook that I’ve already typed up, even, but it’s so satisfying to post pictures, too, that I’m having to go through and make them and take pictures–it reminds me of that movie about the blogger working her way through Julia Child’s cookbook!

Hope you enjoy!

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