Messing around with Gutenberg

We all hate change. It requires work, and thought, and breaking out of our comfortable routines. Egad, I trained for years now on the Classic Editor, and using Divi as I do on some of my sites, the whole back end just disappeared! So I’m not really excited yet about Gutenberg. But, I realize I have to at least try it and figure it out, because to not change with the times is to be left by the wayside. Dang it.

This is a Gallery of photos

This is an image

This is not quite as intuitive as I hoped! I don’t see any way to put blocks in columns, for instance. I’m not sure how this will work with Divi…

Okay, so that was weird–I went to put this in under my picture, and yet it popped it under the title, instead. But I can probably move it. For some reason, it kept pairing it with the Gallery, above.

I tried to set this up as a code block, but it kept cutting it off, and then I changed it to preformatted, and it did the same thing! I’m not sure if this will display correctly, this is irritating.

When I hit return, it automatically separates paragraphs into separate paragraph blocks. Kinda strange.

The code block should be a good block to use with shortcodes or embedding iframes from another website, or for coding an image that changes on rollover.

Preformatted block. No idea what this will look like. Assume it will cut the second line off, though. If you can read this, it didn't!
This screenshot shows how you can scroll through the types of blocks–the ones that pop up first are merely the most common, but there are many types of blocks, like Table and Code–I’m not sure what the Preformatted or Verse blocks are, though!
This is a tableThe cells automatically move
and adjust to content that goes in them.You can add stripes.

Gutenberg is so strange… When I added the Preformatted block and the Table blocks above, I did it right under my screenshot, and yet it created them ABOVE where I inserted them, out of sight! I thought they weren’t created at all, until I scrolled up and found them.

I’m not sold yet. I hope the Classical Editor plugin continues to be supported for a while! According to, it will be maintained until 2022, thank goodness!

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